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Roof boxes are a drag

Well, we’ve given in and called off this weekend’s camping jolly. Given that there are currently warnings from the Met Office about rain and from the Environment Agency about flooding, we thought it was probably the best thing.

Anyway, the last thing I need is another weekend of damping to put Husband off camping totally.

In preparation for the weekend we’d sourced the bits we needed to attach the free roofbox to our car. Being a good Yorkshire wife (they’re tighter than the Scots you know) I decided to do some research about fuel economy and what a difference a roof box might make. Like most families we’re concerned about the rising cost of living, and fuel in particular.

Husband’s car has a whizzy computer on it which gives out all kinds of readings. This is both a good and a bad thing. It has led to Husband developing a strange obsession with the range reading – how many miles the car estimates it has left to do before the tank is empty. I often use his car to do the 10-mile round trip to my exercise class. If there’s anything less than 100 miles on the range I get a warning about watching the fuel gauge, and am often asked to fill up at the petrol station near to my class.

But the reading he pays most attention to is average fuel consumption. Before its recent service we could regularly get more than 62mpg on that, but, strangely, it’s been down at nearer 57mpg since then.

Given this healthy interest in all things numerical and fuel-related, I thought I’d look into the potential impact a roof box would have.

Following my request, the lovely people at Continental Tyres came through with some research about fuel prices and fuel economy. According to them a roof box can increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption by up to 10%. Apparently they now make tyres which can improve your fuel economy – Continental’s can save 3% on fuel and increase tyre mileage by 12%. It’s not enough to off-set that 10% added on by the roof box though. Given that, it’s fair to say that we won’t be the people who leave the roof box on permanently.



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