All the camping gear

Rain stops play, again?

We’re in a bit of a quandry. Regular readers will know that we have all the gear (and no idea) when it comes to camping. We are due to go away on Friday for what would only be our second weekend. Again, only two nights and this time to join my parents who will be caravanning (is that a verb?) two fields away.

But the weather looks foul. It’s going to rain all day and be clear all night on both Saturday and Sunday. Why couldn’t it be the other way around?!


I really want Husband to realise that camping can be fun, but I fear that camping in this weather is not the way to do it.

We talked today about our perceptions of our last trip. Husband said it was awful, it rained all the time and we were damp and miserable. My memories are of the kids on donkeys on the sunny beach, them having the freedom to roam around finding (and naming!) slugs, toasting marshmallows on the campfire with a bottle of wine and the other parents we were camping with. And of visiting Scarborough Castle and seeing Mimi enthused by history, although mainly by the technology that was allowing her to enjoy it – a neat mobile-phone-like gadget that played a set of information when you typed in a code from a sign.

I know the Tinies also have good memories. Of freedom. Of playing with new children. Of laughing and staying up late drinking hot chocolate.

So we have a problem. Disappoint my parents and lose potentially £50. Or go damping again. It really could be make or break for Husband and camping and I so want him to like it. Tough one.


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