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Look out world, staycation here we come

We bought a tent! I’m sure that’s not unusual, but for us, it’s pretty impressive, as you’ll soon find out.

Let’s be clear, this is not an expert blog. It’s just a way of recording my family’s adventures as we undertake our first few camping trips and maybe hand over a few tips we pick up from other, more qualified, campers than ourselves.

I’ll take you back through the process we’ve undertaken to get this far in future posts, but let’s just say it includes our kids believing that camping shops are the best kind of family day out, four consecutive weekends spent window-shopping, a couple of hundred miles travelled to collect random bits of second-hand kit, around eight hours playing in tent displays and several bruised knees from falling over flourescent guy ropes (is it guy or guide? I never know).

For now, let me introduce the clan. Well there’s me, obviously, Husband and our two Tinies – Mimi aged 5 and Buddy who will soon be three.

Mimi is now in full-time school and it is partly this which has caused us to look at alternatives to our usual fortnight on a beach. We thought £4,000 for two weeks self-catering was probably a bit much. I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

I grew up caravanning with my parents, graduating to having my own tent at around 11. I have many fond memories of weekends away spent with kids my own age getting dirty (definitely), smelly (probably) and into trouble (occasionally) but mostly just having loads of fun.

Husband however has only been camping once in his life and it’s taken me more than a decade to get him to consider the idea again. Let’s just say the weekend was in Skegness with an ex, it chucked it down for the entire two days and the usual kind of (ahem) entertainment that might usually be on offer when there’s no TV wasn’t readily offered up. So for the 13 years I’ve known him the two holiday rules have been that there must be plaster above his head and at least 19th century sanitation – although he bends this one due to an affection for Greek islands.

Finally, finally he relented. I’m not sure why. But we’ve got a tent and we’re not afraid to use it. Our first break is booked for four weeks from now and I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Look out world, staycation here we come

  1. Catherine Ross

    Ooh, you’re brave. Alex has just bought a tent and us trying to persuade me that a camping holiday with the kids would be “fun”. And yes, I can site that if we were to get all the gear and go abroad, it could be, but sitting under canvas (or whatever tents are made out of now), in a soggy field while the rain pours down outside is not my idea of a holiday. Good luck x

    1. allthegear Post author

      You sound just like Pete used to! I’m a bit under pressure as it will stand or fall on how we get on in a couple of weeks, but I loved camping as a kid, the rain just made it more fun.

      If we get on okay maybe next year we’ll get a ferry somewhere warmer (we’ll be driving past, so will call for you on the way). For this year we’re concentrating on a few short breaks.

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