All the camping gear

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail

Surely this will all fit in a Focus estate?

So the day of reckoning is here. Tomorrow we will set off for our first ever family camping trip but in order for that to happen we need to get everything into the car.

If it was up to me we’d have got everything out last weekend and done a trial pack, but Husband wasn’t up for it. I’d far rather be prepared to pack less, than spend a whole

day trying to make things fit, but he’s obviously a bit more relaxed about the whole thing.

At this point, I’m quietly optimistic. Although the pile of stuff looked quite big when we got most of it together yesterday, we do have an estate car, so I’m hoping it will all go in.

I’ve tried really hard to stick to the basics of what we’ll need – tent, air beds, sleeping bags, four of those chairs that go into bags, a table, a gas stove and a unit to stand it on. We also have two collapsable boxes of provisions and practical things – lights, a mallet, pegs, first aid kit – plus a cool box for putting some basic supplies in. Oh, and I’ve yet to pack clothes for the grown-ups or shoes for anyone, but I’m sure that won’t add up to much…

I figure the kids don’t need their footwells, being only 5 and nearly 3, so that’s loads more capacity we can use. After all, we’re only going for three days, it can’t add up to that much stuff, can it?


4 thoughts on “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail

  1. carrietxxxxx

    Looking forward to seeing your pics and news on return .We used to take everything AND the kitchen sink (look on my forum contributions on UKCampsite to see how much kitchen equipment I used to take !)in our Zafira ,trailer & roofbox -this year its got to be a sport little skoda fabia with not even a towbar .Admittedly we only take one 5 year old but its going put a whole new slant on traveling lite!You’re going to have a great time I just know it !

    1. allthegear Post author

      Thanks Carrie. Formation 2 seems to have worked but I’ve yet to pack clothes for us grown-ups,shoes and the remainder of the food! It’s going to be snug.

  2. Rob Baker

    There is a definite knack to packing a boot for a camping holiday – one that is acquired over time. Also, be aware that you WILL come home with more stuff than you went away with so leave some space!

    Common sense applies, place big flat items in first, the camping table and probably the collapsed camp kitchen sprint to mind, then place your heaviest items – probably the camp stove and tent – on top of these. You also want the weight over the rear axle as much as possible so try and push heavy items right back against the rear seat, don’t place them right at the back of the boot. People underestimate the effect the weight will have on the handling of the car.

    Once those heavy items are in its just a case of fitting the rest in as best as you can to fit the space. Be aware though that you will need to get the tent out first when you arrive on site so whilst you want it against the back seat you also dont want to bury it too much either. Try leaving it to one side of the boot and resist the temptation to pile lots of stuff on top of it.

    Lastly, make sure you have a jumper and coat to hand as the weather can change very quickly. Something for the kids to do whilst you and Dad pitch the tent it also a good idea.

    Happy camping!

    1. allthegear Post author

      Hi Rob

      Thanks for the advice. It’s like a big jigsaw isn’t it? Husband does quite a bit of off-road driving and towing for work, so his driving is quite good (just don’t tell him I said that). And as he’s such a bad passenger we don’t need to test my full-car-wet-field driving abilities!

      The game is about to change as his estate car goes back in October and we get a normal hatchback. I think that roof box is going to be our saviour!

      Your coat advice made me smile. I packed a waterproof for our first trip but he didn’t so I was quite happy putting up the tent in a thunderstorm, Husband not so much ;-)

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