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The airbed revelation – guest post by Ali

SUNNY DAYS AND COLD NIGHTS IN WALES, SUVIVAL BLANKETS & THE AIRBED REVELATION We love All The Camping Gear (Ed’s note: Aw shucks), and after an insightful Easter weekend camping in Wales, we thought we would share our story of…


Sleeping beauty? The quest for a full night’s sleep when camping

I am not fun when I’m tired. I have always loved my bed and continue to do so. There’s nothing nicer than snuggling under a warm duvet with a good book or the TV on. Many decades ago (at least,…


Sleeping beauties?

I’m not a great sleeper, never have been. I’m easily disturbed by light of any description. So much so that when away on business I travelled with Post-Its in my bag so I could stick them over the annoying illuminated…