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Old El Paso – a new staple in our house


The Old El Paso goodies

“100% yumminess” is how Mimi described Old El Paso‘s Warming Paprika and Herbs casserole mix. The packet was part of a pack of goodies which Old El Paso kindly sent us to review. We are excited to be going to Mexico in just a few weeks to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (I know, I don’t look old enough) and had already decided to treat the kids to some more Mexican fayre (chilli and tortilla wraps already being staples) in advance of our trip. Perfect timing.


“100% yumminess”

The casserole mix was the first product from the pack that we’d tried and what a hit! Plates were cleared in double-quick time and discussions centred on what we’d do with it the next time we had it.

The smokey, tomatoey sauce which the casserole conjured up was totally worth the wait (our fan oven was broken, so we had to do a complicated juggle with the top oven to get everything ready at once). We could imagine it done with sausages (we used chicken breasts as per the recommendation) with added courgette or served with corn on the cob. We would definitely make this the day before going camping and warm it up on the stove, serve it in bowls and dip tortilla chips in it.

Husband also mused that the sauce would make a cracking marinade for meat done on the BBQ and then use the remainder as a dipping sauce. We will definitely be having this one again.


Taco spread

Next up was tacos, which The Tinies love because they can make up their own. The pack created quite a spread – we just added salad, soured cream and the meat.

We have also tried the Extra Tasty One Pan rice meal, which had hints of lime and also resulted in clear plates (not currently the norm here). I made it one evening when we’d got back from lugging the whole family round the supermarket and it was indeed quick and tasty. And the Sweet Corn Relish also made a fab accompaniment to sausages.

Next on the list to try is the torilla pack – roasted tomato and pepper – and we’ve another casserole mix to try too and just three weeks to squeeze it into. I think some of the products are on offer at supermarkets at the moment(they were in Asda last week), so grab a deal while you can. Arriba!


Disclaimer – we were sent a pack of Old El Paso products for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are our own.


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