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Packing – it’s like removing a plaster

We are currently savouring a quiet half hour before dashing to pick up The Tinies from school and heading off on our first camping trip of the season.

The packing is done – we think. And therein lies the rub.

In my view there are two approaches to packing which can be easily compared to removing a sticking plaster. You either rip it off quickly, or do it slowly, bit by bit.

When it was just the two of us we could get away with the packing equivalent of ripping the plaster off – slinging a few things into a bag and taking off wherever the mood took us (not camping, clearly!). Although I have to say, packing this way was never my preference. It doesn’t appeal to my more organised side.

But now we have The Tinies packing is more like a military operation which starts well in advance of the date we’re actually going away.

So the right size of trailer is...?

So the right size of trailer is…?

For more than a week our breakfast bar has been covered with camping gear. Last weekend the garage was emptied of camping gear which was checked before it was packed away again and supplemented with a Go Outdoors trip.

Piles of clothes were created in our spare room in an attempt to get ahead a little. And we had no fewer than three lists in the go – one for last minute bits needed from the supermarket, one for food which needed packing and the standard camping equipment one.

It has been a long, laborious and, some might say, painful process which should have resulted in a stress-free hour spent strategically arranging bags and boxes into the boot, trailer and roof box.

Unfortunately what actually happened was that Husband got a little over-enthusiastic and started packing the car before everything has been checked off the lists. The result was a minor strop (his, not mine) while looking for the tin opener and lots of huffing when he realised I actually wanted to tick things off the carefully-prepared equipment list, not just leave it on the side for decoration.

So, we think we are set for our first trip. The weather looks dry at least, which will thankfully get rid of our 100% rain rate. I’m looking forward to some good quality family time away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. We have a kite, a BBQ, some marshmallows, plenty of wine and I’m not afraid to use them. Happy camping!


5 thoughts on “Packing – it’s like removing a plaster

  1. Phil Daniels

    I’m with you on this! What is the point of having a list and then ignoring it? Our list is laminated and in a nice clip board with a washable pen attached. Sad I know, but it works! Have a great break!

    1. admin Post author

      Ooh, now you’re talking Phil. Might have to pinch that idea. All good here so far. Sleeping kids, wine, fire & outdoors. Perfect

  2. Hazel

    Can’t belive you managed to post at the same time as packing! I am always scrabbling around for the last few things right up til I slam the door. And sometimes after. ‘You did get my coat didn’t you?’ …Damn….

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