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Legoland Windsor hotel – put it on your bucket list

In the beginning was a dragon, which loomed over us and snorted smoke from his nostrils. He was as big as a house. No, bigger! And he sat in his own tower, keeping watch.

No, I’m not delusional. That really was the sight that greeted us as we walked up the path to the Legoland Windsor hotel. The Tinies were bouncing with excitement before we even set foot in the building. (Do your kids do that? Ours have always been like mini kangaroos. As soon as they were big enough to jump they would bounce their approval of the slightest thing.)


And so it was, we arrived with two pogo-ing children into the amazing world of the Legoland hotel.

Check in was a dream. As The Tinies marvelled at the displays of Lego and dived into the pool of little bricks to start to make their own creations, I began to think we could just bunk down in reception and they’d be happy.

Next stop, the lift, which was decorated inside and out. And as we stepped out on to our floor the theme continued with wall decorations and pictures.

And then the room. I don’t say this lightly, but oh. My. Goodness. Lego certainly know how to do a theme. Can you guess what it was?

We didn’t even think about unpacking but started straight out on the Mini Figures trail around the hotel. Some of the clues were really hard and I’m not sure we found them all, but we weren’t counting and it was a great way to see all of the hotel facilities. And we all got a sticker at the end. Winner.

There are both indoor and outdoor play things in the hotel, as you might expect. The spectacular castle can be seen from both parts of the restaurant as well as some of the Skyline bar. They do shows several times most evenings which the kids adore. Above the castle is a room full of X-Boxes loaded with Lego games (if you’re into that kind of thing) and there’s oversized rubberised Lego bricks for the littlies.

IMG_0219Back in the room and we did the treasure trail which involved counting things in the room then putting a code into a special Lego-adorned safe to reveal the goodies inside. Much excitement ensued when we finally got the thing open, having first failed to count the right number of skull & crossbones on the bunk beds.

The rooms are well laid out with the children’s bunks in the first bit of the room you enter, the bathroom in the middle and the grown-up’s bed by the window. This means we could put the kids to bed in the dark and settle down to (quietly) watch a bit of TV. While a great layout, my only comment would be that adventurous children would easily be able to get out of the room in the middle of the night as the lock on the door was at child height and opened easily by simply using the door handle. Perhaps a lock or chain higher up would give parents peace of mind?

Back to raving about the experience, and here are some more pictures so you can appreciate the fabulous details that the designers have put into the room.

The morning saw Buddy creeping into our room just after 6.15am but he was soon settled with the big box of Lego provided. In truth, we were all eager to get the day underway (and we weren’t disappointed by what the day had in store, as you can see here) so were down at breakfast at 8am having checked out.

The food isn’t the best I’ve come across, but there was plenty of choice and the staff were very helpful with information about nuts so we knew what Mimi had to avoid. The half-sized buffet islands were also a nice touch, allowing children the freedom to get their own food on the plastic plates provided.

Like much of the hotel, the restaurant was adorned with Lego sculptures. Our favourites were the aquarium and the over-sized mixer. It certainly made for a good talking point over breakfast.

Overall we had a great time at the Legoland hotel and were blown away by the day in the park itself which was courtesy of the MAD Blog Awards. Husband reflected that the hotel was “like living in a Wacky Warehouse” and it’s true that it is a primary-coloured palace, filled with understandably excited children.

But it is also a lesson in how to pull off an amazing family experience. It won’t be something we do every year, but I definitely recommend you treat yourselves to a trip to the Legoland Hotel at some point. You, and more to the point, your children, will not be disappointed.

We stayed at the hotel on a discounted rate arranged by the MAD Blog Awards for all their finalists and received free entry to the theme park the following day.


4 thoughts on “Legoland Windsor hotel – put it on your bucket list

  1. Jaime Oliver

    aww i NEED to visit here, we have been saying for a while we need to go but i think we need to stay in the hotel too!!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up with #PoCoLo x

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  3. Peter Taylor

    I have been to Legoland when I around ten years old. It is a memory that I can still recall. The rollercoasters are absolutely fascinating. The whole park is so big that you can easily spend a day there without ever getting bored. And I remember that I had a very delicious burger for lunch. Any place with a good burger is a good place :)

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