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Festival camping tips for families who love their home comforts

The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Briefly. Then before you know it, the heavens have opened again and the once luscious grass has turned into a swamp around your feet.

Chris tents in field

Sadly, the camping field is unlikely to look like this for long

Yes, that’s right, it’s festival season once more, and whilst a little bit of rain is unlikely to stop most of us from enjoying our favourite bands in fantastic surroundings, it may make us want to have a few home comforts when we retire to our tents at the end of a long day of dancing.

For those who love their home comforts, getting the camping experience just right can make or break a festival, and whether you are a main stage regular or it is your first time heading for the bright lights and pounding bass of the summer festival scene, spending a little time preparing for your trip can make all the difference.

Family camping

There are many family-friendly festivals spread across the summer music calendar, and if you are planning to whisk your family off for a long weekend of music and art, you are going to want to make sure you are prepared. Whilst groups of rowdy teenagers may be happy to pass out on a bed made of nothing but empty beer cans and a poncho they stole from a carnival performer, the majority of family campers will want surroundings that are both safe and comfortable.

As such, before you even book your festival tickets, enquire about family camping passes. Booking yourself into a dedicated family campsite will not only ensure that your whole family feels safe, but also that they are not kept awake until 5am every morning by riotous revellers.

Most family campsites will also allow you to cut out a great deal of walking, being closer to the car parks to ensure a simple set up and far less boredom from eager kids. With dedicated toilet and shower blocks, those home comforts will also be in abundance, allowing you to stay clean and comfortable over the weekend, whatever the weather.

Getting plenty of rest

Once you have the right camping tickets for your family, you will want to make sure you have all the supplies you could ever need for your trip. Whilst you may be happy to sleep on nothing but a flimsy roll mat, the rest of your family may have other ideas about what they will need to get a good night’s sleep when camping in a festival environment.

Do not underestimate the benefits of taking air beds, and always be sure that the tent you choose has enough space for every single member of the family to sleep comfortably in, whilst still offering plenty of extra space for relaxation. After all, you may not all want to switch off that night light at the same time, and an added space for chilling out may help keep everyone in the best spirits no matter what their personal preferences.

Consider including ear plugs and eye masks too if you want to ensure that your family are not woken up by the bustling sounds of the campsite or the early morning sun creeping into the tent. Adding such items to your camping supplies could allow your family to get far more sleep and enjoy their time away far more as a result.

Staying comfortable

MarshmallowsMake sure you pack plenty of layers to ensure you can strip down or add clothing as the temperature dictates. Changeable weather can make camping a nightmare if you are not prepared so include a varied selection of clothing as well as both thick and thin sleeping bags if possible.

Finally, make sure you eat well. Taking your own mini barbecue, along with a selection of foods (including some healthy snacks) and all the utensils you will need will not only save you a fortune but will also help you to eat like kings and queens as opposed to the serfs you will feel like if you have to opt for cheap festival burgers for three meals a day.



Author bio: Adam Howes is a freelance writer, blogger and musician, currently in the midst of preparing himself for a summer of festivals. He writes regular articles about music and festival life, visiting sites such as Gigantic to stay up to date with all the latest festival news.


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