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A mad day out at Legoland Windsor

We were lucky enough to be invited to Legoland Windsor because, thanks to you, lovely readers, this blog is a finalist in the MAD Blog Awards 2013. We’re in the travel category along with five other fantastic and varied travel blogs, and find out the results in September.

Anyway, we’ve spent today getting priority access on to all of the rides at Legoland, after spending a night in the hotel on site. More on the hotel in another blog, this one is dedicated to Legoland itself, as it’s a fantastic family day out.

Situated in Windsor, just west of London (not within the congestion charging zone, as Husband thought!) the park sprawls across many acres and is divided into themed areas covering every age range, from tiny toddlers in the brand new Duplo Land, to high and fast rides for adrenalin junkies.

There really is something for everyone here and we spent from 10am until 4pm covering almost all of the park.

The day started with a showing of the new Lego Chima 4D film. Now, we all know what 3D is, but there was some debate about what exactly 4D would be. Husband theorised that the seats might move in time with the action, but we weren’t really sure. The cinema had fixed bench seats, so no motion there then. It turns out 4D means you get to feel even more part of the film – the wind in your hair, the rain in your face, the heat from the fire (yes, really). Buddy (who’s now nearly 4) was a bit worried during the film and asked to leave, but at the end declared it “awesome”. Fickle child, don’t know where he gets that from.

We were lucky enough to get VIP gold wristbands as part of the package which meant we went straight to the front of the queue at every ride. This meant we covered a lot more ground than if we’d queued for rides in the usual way, and certainly made the business case for the Q-Bots that you can rent, which allow you to effectively save your place in the queue at rides without actually being there.

The rest of our day involved The Tinies getting their Lego driving licences (no one failed. Their standards clearly aren’t that high), driving boats, flying in Lego hot air balloons, a maze, getting soaked on the white water rafts (it was raining, so we figured we may as well get properly wet) and going underwater to see the fish and rescue the mission!

Lego really know how to provide an immersive experience, with chirpy logo-ed staff everywhere, imaginative decorations and Lego installations and Lego music playing as the sound track to the day.

The pirate show - a great way to pass lunchtime

The pirate show – a great way to pass lunchtime

The pirate show was a real highlight. We watched it at lunchtime and it kept The Tinies enthralled for the full 20 minutes, despite it really being a bit cool to sit still. We got especially soaked on the white water rafts thanks to the addition of water cannons which other park goers can use to spray you as you sail past, so we went on up to get our own back on the next people through. There’s nothing like teaching the kids a bit of revenge!

Lego glamping?

Lego glamping?

There were bits of the park we didn’t visit, mainly those which contained the highest and fastest rides. We also missed the model village this time. When we were at Legoland last year this was one of the real highlights for the children and we spent ages looking at all the tiny details in the various locations. Lego characters even go camping, although it looks closer to glamping to me!

Sadly we have to be at school and work tomorrow, so we couldn’t stay too late as it’s a good 3.5 hours home. It’s been totally worth the journey for a fantastic day out and to meet some other lovely bloggers in the flesh, especially My Two Mums and The Mummy Adventure.

Now we have to hang on until September until we find out the results. I’m not too worried thought it’s been totally worth being shortlisted just for the fantastic dip time we’ve had this weekend, so genuinely, thank you so much if you took the time to vote for this little blog. We are all very grateful.


3 thoughts on “A mad day out at Legoland Windsor

  1. Phil Daniels

    I live about 30 minutes drive from Legoland and have driven past it many times but have never been inside. My grandchildren have been in there a few times and reckon it’s brilliant! Glad you had a great weekend!

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