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Bank holidays

Suncream and thermals – what you need to camp in May

On Monday we returned from our first camping weekend of the year. We were tired, dirty, a little sun-burnt, but we’d had a pretty good time. So good, in fact, that Husband declared the weekend “acceptable”. I do hope you…


Peak District camping by numbers

On the road home from our first camping trip of the year in brilliant sunshine (!). Here’s our break in numbers. Bags of charcoal burnt in lieu of campfire 3 Hours spent in traffic jams 3 Times I picked Mimi…


Whingeing, just whingeing in the rain

Ah the British weather. Following a period of frankly tropical temperatures, we now find ourselves facing the archetypal British Bank Holiday – a wet one. Never mind that it’s an extra-special, never-seen-before double-header. Never mind that street parties and afternoon…