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Wet or dry, it’s a very useful bag

My packing is usually full of carrier bags. I know that sounds a bit odd, but they’re useful, you know? Dirty clothes. Shoes. Stuff you don’t want to leak. Wet umbrellas, wet swimming costumes, carrier bags serve a purpose. But I recently discovered a fantastic alternative.

I’ll be totally honest at this point and say that I do some work for Baba+Boo in my day job. But before I worked for them I loved their cloth nappies. Being green at heart, both of The Tinies were in cloth nappies (which these days come in cool designs and you don’t even need a safety pin to put them on), so I was familiar with the concept of a wet bag (we called them stink bags) which you use to put your wet nappies in when out and about.

But The Tinies are 4 and 7 these days, so I haven’t had need of a wet bag for quite some time. That has all changed now, and I’m rarely without one, because what I know as wet bags are actually dry bags. They keep things dry. So when Baba+Boo asked me to try one out while camping and explained all of the alternative uses, I was more than ready to give up my carrier bag habit.

We were sent a cool camper van dry bag which has so far been used to:

  • Keep dirty clothes in
  • Put sandy clothes in after a day at the beach
  • Keep iPad and phone dry by the side of the pool while on holiday
  • Transport wet swimming stuff home
  • Put my wet umbrella in
  • Bring dirty shoes home from campingĀ in

20130930-211804.jpg It was most useful while we were abroad as I could take my iPad and phone down to the pool (I’m afraid having a business to run meant I did still have to keep an eye on emails) and not worry about it getting splashed. In fact, our friends who live in Tenerife were most jealous as it would make the perfect beach bag into which they could sling keys, phone and cash when down at the playa. That’s their Christmas present sorted then.

It’s now a permanent fixture in The Tinies’ swim bag so the uniform they’ve changed out of doesn’t get wet (they come home in PJs).

They aren’t waterproof (and Baba+Boo don’t claim they are) and I certainly wouldn’t put it in the bath with my iPad in it, but they are infinitely useful and now a staple in our swimming bag and our holiday kit. Who’d have thought?


Disclaimer : We were sent a dry bag for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own. I can’t be bought – I’m not that cheap.


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