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Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is sweet

“I think our children are ill,” declared Husband as he arrived in our bedroom this morning. I’d been trying to come round while he went downstairs to check on The Tinies, who had toddled off at 7am to watch some TV.

It turns out they hadn’t made it as far as the TV, instead being distracted, and successfully occupied by the new game we’d been sent, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. That in itself is a wonder, as not many things compete with kid’s TV in their world.

The game’s concept is quite a simple one. Each player has a tree trunk which needs filling with five colour-coded acorns. You take turns to spin the wheel and that decides what you have to do – pick a specific colour of acorn or maybe collect one, or two, acorns of your choice. The curved balls are the sneaky squirrel, which allows you to steal another player’s acorn, the sad squirrel, where you miss a turn, and the storm, which blows all of your acorns out of the tree trunk, putting o back to square one.

The additional interest in the game is a plastic squirrel which you use to pick up the acorns. It’s actually quite difficult to do, and, in terms of fine motor skills, it may be better to just let the kids pick up the acorns with their fingers. But it does introduce an element of fun to the game as well as sharing and turn-taking because their is only one squirrel.


The game’s box is shaped like a tree and you use the bottom half, which has a pretty tree on it, to keep the acorns in. In that respect it’s a relatively well-contained game and therefore appealing for taking camping. One of the drawbacks from that point of view though, is that it’d be a pain to pack because of its shape.

Practicalities aside, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel had The Tinies captivated for quite a while this morning, and clearly inspired a new bit of imaginary play which, from what I overheard, involved a zookeeper who speaks squirrel.

What was good was to have a relatively simple game which Mimi quickly understood and was able to show Buddy how to play. They both enjoyed the challenge of trying to pick up the acorns with the squirrel and get them safely to their trunk. In the future we might even introduce a new Operation-type rule where you lose the acorn if you drop it.

If you want the chance to win a copy of the game, pop over to the Facebook page for a competition which runs until 30 April 2013.

We were kindly provided with the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game in return for this review, but all opinions are my own.


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