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No sh1t! A toilet alternative for camping

I thought she was joking. I was having an email conversation with a friend, fellow writer and more experienced camper, and she asked if I’d seen the Shit Box.(No, really, it is called that.)

Of course, I already had a clue about what it might be, but I was staggered to read the description of the product on Firebox. I truly can’t decide if it’s horrendous or so bad it’s good. I’ll let you make up your own mind.

Anyway, I’m not opposed to the idea, having previously written about coveting the Bog-in-a-bag, but I’m not sold on it being cardboard. Camping is damp, right? Even if that’s just the condensation that gets in tents or the morning dew on the grass, stuff gets a little damp eventually.

Given that, how on earth could I have confidence that the next time I sat down on the box it wouldn’t buckle? (No jokes from the back please).

So it’s not for me I’m afraid. Not even because it comes in a range of designs (why?!) Nope, you’ll still find me traipsing across the field headed for the toilet block – in my new snuggly warm coat of course!


5 thoughts on “No sh1t! A toilet alternative for camping

  1. Louise

    This made me chuckle! I totally agree that cardboard may not be the most appropriate material for a camping toilet. It’s one of those products that’s part innovative, part mental. Hope I haven’t traumatised you too much by the whole idea of the Shit Box!

  2. Phil Daniels

    And, of course, there is the added problem of us men who occasionally fail to hit the target! I can only imagine a soggy smelly mess by the end of a week of camping!

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