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Christmas camping wish list #2 – good books

There’s nothing like a good book, is there?


Growing up I was a total bookworm. Mum says I used to read several books at the same time, picking and choosing which one I fancied each evening as I read a little before bed. (Apparently this was irksome because whenever she told me to put away the books I wasn’t reading I could demonstrate I was reading them all!)

The Tinies are shaping up similarly. We often find Mimi snuggled up in bed in the mornings, reading. And Buddy is developing a growing love of books now he’s starting to read. We have shelves bulging with books and need to have an annual purge to make room for the new additions.

Although I do like flicking through a ‘proper’ book, I’ll also happily read on my tablet. (This can be useful in the middle of the night when my insomnia kicks in as it’s backlit, so no need to disturb Husband with a bedside light while I bury myself in my latest purchase. It also plays to my impatience as I can have that must-read book instantly.)

And books are perfect for camping too. If I was wishing for some for Christmas I’d quite like these:

The Glow In The Dark Night Sky Book. I have fond memories of my dad showing me constellations as a child. I know the Plough and Orien (ok, so he didn’t show me loads!) and I’ll never forget seeing the Milky Way in all it’s sparkly glory when we were on honeymoon. These days I have a constellation app which The Tinies love, but this book goes a couple of steps further. It has glow in the dark stars and even explains the legends behind the groupings.

We’re always looking for camping cuisine inspiration and I’m not sure there’s anyone does it better than Josh Sutton, known as the Guyrope Gourmet. He takes local ingredients and concocts practical recipes which are a cinch around the campfire. His book, A Camping Cookbook, is available now and you can even order a signed copy. For a kind of ‘try before you buy’, you can read Josh’s recipes in Camping Magazine each month.

Who doesn’t love an adventure? And one of the greatest-ever explorers, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, has written a book about his Arctic adventures – Cold- Extreme Adventures At The Lowest Temperature On Earth. (It probably wasn’t as cold as some of our camping trips, but he has done some pretty cool stuff, so I’ll let him have that one.) It’s on offer at Amazon at the moment if you fancy it. Husband said he’s quite like this one as it would remind him that there’s always someone worse off than you.

Having thrown his two-penneth in, I asked Husband which book he’d take camping, and he came up with the Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotel Guide : The Global Shortlist. Apparently it’s so he can daydream and try to convince himself he’s not really camping.

Finally, in the quiet of the evening it would be good to plan our next adventure, so the Alan Rogers, Best campsites in Britain & Ireland would be a good addition to the packing.

What would your dream camping book be? And would it be a paperback or ebook version?

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions remain my own (I’m not that cheap).


5 thoughts on “Christmas camping wish list #2 – good books

  1. Devon Camper

    I’m a big fan of the wild swimming book by Daniel Start, a great accompany to a camping trip as you can explore all the rivers near to your campsite. I often choose camping trips that have a few good wild swimming spots nearby.

    There are over 150 spots to choose from and I try to do 10 or so a year. (My favourite so far is the one near Builth wells – Wales as it is literally 20 metres from the road, down a steep track through the trees and you are in a different world.

    Also like his coast book that tells you all about the little tucked away beaches a little off the beaten track (although he’s missed a few of my favourites which I’m pleased about!)

    and of course his latest ‘wild guide’ which explores the South West (although I’m a little biased as I’m from Devon)

    As a reading book got to be Winnie the Pooh, you dont want anything too serious and his slow pace and thoughtful contemplation put you in the right frame of mind for a relaxing trip.

    1. Louise Post author

      I’ve not tried wild swimming – unless I count swimming in the Irish Sea as wild?! But I can see the appeal of camping near a river (unless it’s going to rain!)

      Thanks for commenting and for the recommendations Joseph

  2. Perry

    Cool Camping Kids is a good read… planning and wishing- wise. Roald Dahl books are always a winner, and he always mentions some nature facts in his books. His adult stories are fab too. Love the page by the way.

    1. Louise Post author

      I’ll look up the book. We love a bit of Roald Dahl, Mimi is currently working her way through the entire collection. He’s a master story-teller. Thanks for reading

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