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A review: OverBoard’s iPad cases are definitely on board

I know that purists will wince when I talk about tech and camping in the same breath. But as much as I’d like to think I could manage a break without my iPhone or iPad, running my own business makes this virtually impossible.

That said, I haven’t yet taken the iPad away on a trip due to only persuading Husband that it was a business necessity in October.

The things that make me nervous about taking it along are about it getting bumped, bashed or wet. I can protect it with a fairly robust case, but nothing will keep it totally safe from the mud, grit and damp – will it?

And while I have the same concerns about my phone, that’s something I absolutely can’t travel without, for safety’s sake if nothing else.

Maybe I didn’t put too much effort into the research into what was around to solve my problem, but I was genuinely blown away when I was sent details of water-proof cases in which to keep my iPad and iPhone, through which I could actually operate it. No worrying about mud and grit getting at it, and certainly no concerns about damp – the biggest thing for me.


OverBoard’s promotional material depicts people on posh boats, and I can well see how a skipper would want to put their precious technology into something that not only kept it dry, but which floats too. At least if it fell overboard (geddit?) you stand a chance of retrieving it – and with working contents too.

The cases work much like a zip-lock sandwich bag, but on an industrial scale. The seal is particularly hard to open and close, but reassuringly so to be honest. Both also come with a strap so you could turn the iPad one into something akin to a map bag, and with a carabiner to secure it to a bag or belt loop – probably more useful for the phone one for me. The new version of the iPad case even has a window in the back so you can still use the camera. You can see from the pics that the iPhone one already has a clear window for just this purpose.



Once the iPad or iPhone is in the bag you can operate it as normal as the clever plastic they are made of still allows the touchscreen to work. When we’re camping that means I can check my emails and keep up with contacts without fear of compromising the important and expensive technology.

OverBoard make a range of waterproof products which also includes cases for smart phones, rucksacks and document pouches.

I’ll definitely be taking my iPad along on our next trip, tightly sealed in its OverBoard case. And while I’m going to try really, really hard not to take it abroad with us when we go in July, I might just be able to argue the case that I can protect it from sand and chlorine, so it should be fine.

The other major advantage of this case is that I can read in the bath. I love reading ebooks, although don’t get much time to read, so on the rare occasions I have the time and inclination for a bath I really want to be able to immerse myself in a story as well as 12 inches of water. The case has revolutionised my wallowing, so while I won’t be able to do that while away camping, I can certainly say that it has become an essential part of my kit.

Disclosure: I was kindly sent these two cases to review. All opinions are genuine.


3 thoughts on “A review: OverBoard’s iPad cases are definitely on board

  1. Phil Daniels

    Just looked at OverBoard website and have discovered they also produce a case for the Kindle Fire. I have one of these so I may invest in a case for it.

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