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Onsies – perfect #camping clobber or toilet trauma?

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that onsies are the ultimate Marmite fashion item. And our family aren’t the biggest fans.

But lately I’ve been considering whether a onsie would be useful for camping. Think about it. I’ve written before about my relenting on the issue of thermals and wanting a warm back and bum. And I know that one of the issues for me is being warm enough to sleep, so what could be more perfect than a onsie? No cold back from a PJ top riding up, built in socks and I’m decent the minute I stumble out of my sleeping bag in the morning.

Mimi has a onsie which she uses as nightwear. It gets around the issue of her ridiculously slim waist which means that when eventually the elastic in pyjama bottoms stretches slightly she ends up wandering round with one hand holding her trousers up.

She’s like a Tombliboo. Those of you with pre-schoolers will know exactly what that is. For the uninitiated, the Tombliboos are a character in the popular In The Night Garden kids programme, whose trousers keep falling down. For this reason, nighties have been Mimi’s nightwear of choice up to now, but they are obviously a little chilly in winter – and way too much so for camping.

I never honestly thought I would give more than a second’s thought to owning a onsie myself. I can cope with them as novelty items for children, but I could barely see to drive when we saw what the children thought was a tiger putting his bin out the other morning. Tears of laughter were streaming down my face.

But I was shocked to realise that I’d been contemplating a onsie of the furry variety to ensure I have a warm back in bed and so that it can also be used as “loungewear” while in the tent.

This seemed like a good idea until I thought a little more about the practicalities. Can you image what will happen when going for that inevitable late night / early morning loo trip?

imageYou’ll stumble out the tent, trying your hardest to disguise the loudest noise known to man – the sound of a zip in the wee small hours – and pull a coat on top of your onsie so you can be warm on your trip to the facilities.

But when you get there you have to remove both your coat and your onsie in order to answer nature’s call.

And the thought of having only warm ankles as I perform my ablutions is actually enough for me to decide they I’ll stick with my regular PJs, thank you very much. I think I saw some charming brushed cotton ones just like Mum’s on the M&S website…


7 thoughts on “Onsies – perfect #camping clobber or toilet trauma?

  1. Phil Daniels

    Could have done with a double thickness onsie when camping in sub-zero temperatures in Dorset last week!

    1. admin Post author

      I suspect you gents don’t have the same issues as us girls when it comes to ablutions! Wonder if they do thermal ones?

      Suspect I’ll only ever be a fair-weather camper out of choice. I’m a bit nesh, as they say up here.

      1. Phil Daniels

        I’m originally from Liverpool, but now live in Surrey. Nesh is a word that is used often in our house to describe the Wife!

    1. admin Post author

      I THINK I can hear you ;-) Do you put the bin out in yours too, or is it strictly an indoors item of clothing?

    1. admin Post author

      Oh. My. Goodness. Hazel, I would never got out of it. Never mind camping, you,d have to surgically remove me from it once a year so it could be cleaned!

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