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Much excitement – coat found?

You know when you’re so excited and all you want to do is tell someone? Well, I’ve just spent a frustrating 45 minutes in the car driving home from a meeting while being desperate to tell Husband that I think I’ve found my perfect coat! I did have a quick chat with my dad (hi Dad) but he wasn’t aware of the ongoing coat saga, so it wasn’t quite the same.

I honestly didn’t think it existed (and I’m yet to try it on, so please cross your fingers that it fits and I don’t look like a dwarf when wearing it) but,┬áladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the answer to my very own Michelin Man dilemma – the North Face Metropolis Parka.

North Face Metropolis

Now, there’s just the little issue of the price to deal with, but if I wear it a lot (and I seriously intend to), then the price per use will be negligible. Reckon it’s time for Husband to put on some trousers with shallower pockets so I can be warm and toasty!


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