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Grown up all-over waterproofs? Not my bag

I was at Go Outdoors briefly yesterday and noticed they have waterproof sets for grown ups. I’m not opposed to the idea – I have a good pair of lined and water-resistant walking trousers and several waterproof coats. But these were of the sounds-like-a-plastic-bag-when-you-walk variety.

They were the kind of over-trousers I had as a child when we could spend full days roaming around the farm (on family land, thankfully) riding motorbikes and horses, making dens and climbing trees. When it snowed we would pull on our waterproofs and wellies and not be seen until we were shouted for lunch.

We could lie in the mud, roll in the snow and get up to just about anything else we wanted, safe in the knowledge that the worst that could happen was our waterproofs would get dirty.

My own kids have them, for just those reasons. Jumping in muddy puddles with wild abandon is a right of passage and something to be cherished. But I’m not sure I could pull them off, especially not with a matching jacket!

So while I’m a massive Go Outdoors fan, that’s one special offer I won’t be taking advantage of.



One thought on “Grown up all-over waterproofs? Not my bag

  1. Phil Daniels

    The Wife and I do have waterproof over trousers as she rides to work on a bike and I have a 20 minute walk to the train station. It’s not very comfortable sitting on the train or in work with cold wet legs!

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