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Found – the answer to fast-growing kids

The only wish I have for my children, Mimi especially, is that she is able to shop in the normal section of clothes shops rather than the petite one.

Okay, maybe it’s not the only wish, but being short on stature myself (good things come in small packages and all that) I know only too well what a pain it is when things aren’t properly proportioned. Husband is a touch over 6’1″, so I’ve attempted to breed it out, and it seems to be working.

Aged 6, Mimi is an inch under 4 feet tall. She has quite big growth spurts and it feels like I’m forever buying her new trousers. I wouldn’t mind spending the money if I could guarantee she’d be wearing them in six months time, but that’s impossible. Looking at the majority of clothes on the market you’d think there wasn’t an easy answer to this age-old problem. But you’d be wrong.

IMG_0089Craghoppers’ latest NosiLife kids trousers come with a couple of hidden weapons, including one that can tackle the growing issue.

First of all they are impregnated with insect repellant to keep those pesky bugs at bay. This is a reassuring thought even in this country a Mimi has recently been diagnosed with a serious nut allergy and we don’t know whether that means she may also have bad reactions to stings. It’s not a question I’m keen to discover the answer to, so the built in protection in the Craghoppers Nosilife trousers helps put my mind a little more at ease.


Craghoppers Nosilife seamBut the real triumph of these trousers, in my view, is the genius bit of stitching that makes them extendable. Not in a roll-them-up-at-the-bottom-until-they-grow kind of way (although they do that too). Oh no, this is a genuine bit of design that leaves a clever pocket of material sewn up into the combat-style trousers until that overnight growth spurt strikes. Then you simply cut through the stitching – done in red so you can be sure you’re cutting the right bits – and voila! the trousers are an inch or so longer.

Clearly these trousers were designed by a fellow frustrated parent and I can’t think it will be long before others catch wind of the genius idea and do similarly (she says, hopefully).

According to the label the trousers have a concealed waist adjuster, but it’s so well concealed that I can’t find it! Still, Mimi has belts, so we can get round that minor inconvenience. They are lightweight, so pack brilliantly for camping and dry super quickly. The combat style really appeals to the Tom boy in her too and she happily stomps about in these plus her new lightweight walking boots.

Straps and buttons mean the trousers can be rolled up for summer (or for paddling in rock pools), which adds to the flexibility of these trousers. They also come in three neutral colours (meaning if they don’t have holes in when Mimi’s done with them, you’ll see Buddy sporting them the following year!) And the final bonus is UV protection – so you’re all set for trekking in the Amazon in these babies!

The only minor frustration for me is the sizing. The trousers come in 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13. It’s hard enough trying to get trousers to fit a child of one age, never mind when they are designed to fit children of two different ages. I’m not sure what the point of doing this is, when Craghoppers have clearly cracked the problem of growth spurts. At 6, but tall, Mimi was never going to fit into the 5-6 year ones. Still, we might get more than two years out of the 7-8 size if we’re lucky.

Overall I think these trousers are brilliant due to the extra features and thoughtful design. They’re just right for our camping and other days spent outside, so will be getting plenty of wear this summer. At £30 they aren’t cheap, but you’re paying for the design, features & the quality, so I think that’s good value.

Disclosure – we were kindly provided with a pair of trousers for the purpose of this review.
All views (and posing models) are our own.


4 thoughts on “Found – the answer to fast-growing kids

  1. Phil Daniels

    I wish these trousers were around when my children were small! We have two sons of 6′ 2″ and 6′ 3″, and a daughter of 5′ 7″ and there is 3 1/2 years between the 3 of them. We couldn’t ‘hand down’ clothes from one son to the other as they both grew equally quickly. Keeping them clothed cost a small fortune! They now have children that are growing in the same way and it’s still costing us a small fortune!

    1. Louise

      Get yourself to your nearest Craghopper’s shop then Phil. As you can see, I thoroughly recommend the NosiLife trousers and the secret extra length is a genius idea.

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