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A world of choice with Zalando

You probably haven’t heard of Zalando, but I’m willing to bet you soon will have. It’s an online shopping site which is just branching out in the UK. I believe it’s been big in Germany and other European countries, but is relatively new to us Brits.

Browsing the website I was struck by the huge amount of choice, but also by the smart filtering options so you can narrow it down. You can filter by category, by product type, size, price, brand or colour. I literally spent hours over a few nights browsing the site and didn’t get anywhere near looking at everything. I only really looked at the women’s outdoor clothing section, but there’s also things for kids and men.

The products are mainly clothing and accessories, but they do also have other related items such as sports equipment.

It appears to be very much leaning towards the premium end of the market, with lots of brand names. I spent a long time looking at the outdoor clothing section which contains Craghoppers, Jack Wolfskin, North Face and Millets, as well as some others I’ve not really heard of.

You might have seen me writing about my dream camping bathroom. Well, one of the sticking points for me is always where to put my toiletries, so when I found a Jack Wolfskin toiletry bag which rolls out and has a hanger in the top, I couldn’t order one fast enough. (In fact, I ordered two – one for the boys and one for us girls).

The ordering process was as quick and simple as you would expect and, even though it’s free delivery, the parcel turned up just a day or two later.

20130621-183808.jpgI’m pretty impressed with the toiletry bag, which has enough little pockets for everything you need for a short break and rolls up neatly. I took everything Husband and I needed for our recent trip to Legoland as it’s stuffed with pockets. The bags will definitely accompany us on our next camping trip and I’ll stock them with mini versions of toiletries decanted into little bottles. I wonder if Zalando sells those too?

P.S. Zalando has a sale on at the moment, so might be worth checking that out too.

Disclaimer – I was given a voucher with which to purchase products from Zalando in exchange for this review. However, all views are genuinely my own (I can’t be bought that cheaply!)


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