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When free isn’t really

I wrote about my lovely brother-in-law giving us his old roof box and we’re still really grateful. In particular I’m relishing the opportunity to pack more than just one pair of trousers and three pairs of underwear when we go away again on Friday.

The problem is, a roof rack is not a generic thing. So while the box and bars were indeed free, we still have to buy the attachments to get them to fit Husband’s car. To get these new would have been more than £100 from the high street! Given that the car will go back in October to be swapped for a shiny new, but as yet, unknown one (it’s a company car) we didn’t really want to pay that much.

So started our usual round of research, scouring well-known auction sites and a number of online advert websites. We found two suitable ones, but one had just sold and the other was in South Wales and the owner wasn’t comfortable with the idea of a courier picking it up and a direct bank transfer of the money (he didn’t have a Paypal account and would have preferred a Postal Order!).

We did have a sneaky bid on one of the two necessary bits on the auction site, but as we didn’t get the first bit, it wasn’t worth bidding on the second bit as postage is so expensive.

In the end Amazon saved the day and we got the kit new for about £80.

The next thing I’m wondering is just what the roof box is going to do to the fuel economy. As a good Yorkshire wife I’m mindful of money at all times. Husband is a traditional Yorkshire tightwad  frugal man and, to be fair, we are feeling the effects of price increases like every family is. So I’m off to find some stats about fuel economy and I may or may not share them, depending on whether I think Husband will ban us from taking the roof box if he sees them.


2 thoughts on “When free isn’t really

  1. Rob Baker

    Just as a thought, if you change cars regularly you could invest in a Handirack inflatable roofrack.

    They are a universal fitting so can be used on almost any vehicle. We use both mine and my wifes car for camping so it was essential that we had one roof rack that could fit both cars and this seemed to be the best option. You often see them secondhand on ebay for good prices too.

    1. allthegear Post author

      Brilliant tip, thanks Rob. It’s only every four years so we’re just unfortunate it’s happened this year. Or fortunate that he has a company car provided, depending on which way you look at it. I don’t like to appear ungrateful but we don’t get a choice of car this time, so the roofrack is going to be essential.

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