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What’s the recipe for the perfect camping meal?

What exactly is the perfect camping meal? We default to BBQs (in the mainly vain hope we’ll not get soaked while cooking) and normally have a one-pot of some description already prepared for the first night, but I’m wondering what the perfect recipe is?

It needs to be fairly quick to make, take no more than two pans and the ingredients could do not to become life-threatening if not properly refrigerated as ice blocks and a cheap coolbox are only so effective if the sun decides to grace us with its presence (one can hope).

Fresh pasta and a sauce has been a good one as it literally takes minutes to do, but we often have garlic bread with this at home and The Tinies can moan a bit if it is conspicuous by its absence.

Perhaps we should be a bit more adventurous with our cooking equipment and that might open up more options for us. We have two rings and the ability to toast (which I know is more than some manage with but I need Husband not to feel like he’s roughing it too much). I know there are some camping cookers that have griddles, which would make a good alternative to a damp BBQ and a golfing brolly if Mother Nature is still not speaking to us.

Breakfast is almost always an issue as keeping milk cool is tough and if it’s cold we’ll want porridge, if it’s warm we’ll probably have cereal. I often treat The Tinies by buying crumpets or ready-made pancakes and friends of ours have pre-packed brioche and pastries, which seemed like a good idea. Nothing like a bit of sugar to get the day going.

What are your favourite camping meals? Come on, inspire me. Let’s get beyond chilli/spag bol/stew. I recognise you’re not all Guyrope Gourmet, but you must have some family favourites to share.

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6 thoughts on “What’s the recipe for the perfect camping meal?

  1. Ellen

    You can cook lots of things in foil on the bbq – we cook garlic baguettes, corn on the cob, fish, bananas, sauces made from onion/garlic/tinned toms/herbs…

  2. justdelicious.intent

    2 burners… easy

    Pork with cider, apples and cream with potatos fried with bacon.

    Takes about 25 minutes. Angels dance on your tongue.

    Pork loin
    Couple of apples in chunky slices
    Bottle of cider
    Mixed herbs

    Potatoes in slices parboiled

    Dice onion, add to pan, sear sliced pork loin till brown, add apples and cider.. simmer till pork is done.

    parboil spuds, dry (air dry in a colander), fry bacon in frying pan, add some olive oil and the potoatoes – cook for 15 mins

    As the liquid from the pork reduces, wait until there is about two fingers left, throw in the herbs and cream

    Awesome, awesome food with very little hassle. Hardly calorie controlled, but outside, as evening falls very little beats it.

  3. Phil Daniels

    Can’t help with this one I’m afraid! The only thing we cook when camping is breakfast! We prefer to use local restaurants and we’ve been quite lucky to find some really good ones!

  4. Perry

    Tin of stewed steak… beans… potatoes…mixed veg… throw in some mixed dried herbs… 5 minutes cooking, one pan to wash…. unsophisticated but lush…. Then feet up and watch the sunset ;)

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