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Tips on camping with kids for the first time

I got a text from my step-sister yesterday. Her friend is going camping with her two kids for the first time and she wanted some tips. She’d passed on the link to my blog (thanks sis) but wanted to know what I’d recommend. 

As you know, I’m no expert, but I’d like to think we’re competent enough, so here’s what I shared. 

  • Take shoes that are easy to get on & off (Crocs are good) & keep a box by the tent door to avoid shoe carnage
  • Flip flops are good if you’re worried the showers won’t be clean, just keep them on in the shower!
  • Take a ball – it will occupy the kids when they try to “help” put the tent up (& down)
  • It still gets cold overnight. Cheap thermals from a supermarket (Asda sell them) are great PJs, especially for the kids
  • More is more when it comes to blankets
  • Take marshmallows & sticks for toasting over the BBQ
  • Have a plan for something to do indoors if it rains
  • Take the kids enough clothes for a new outfit every day – stuff gets damp & doesn’t dry plus they somehow get loads dirtier when camping

It’s just occurred to me that I didn’t pass on my ultimate top tip – eye masks. It gets light VERY early at the moment, so if the dawn chorus doesn’t wake them, the light may. At least with eye masks you reduce your chances of an early morning to 50/50. (I’d better text her that now!)

What would your tips be?

We had a fab time (indoors) at the Hidden Valley, Cornwall



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