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The perfect camping bathroom

imageWhat does your perfect bathroom look like?

The best one I’ve ever been in was on our honeymoon in the Maldives.

It had twin sinks, a loo, a beautiful towel ladder, a full length mirror and an outdoor walk-in shower. Next to the shower was a little sand garden from which the crabs would watch us performing our ablutions. I loved looking at the sky and feeling the sun on my skin while getting showered, there was something very liberating about it. Let me just clarify though, that there was a wall around the bathroom, so it was private!

I was taking a very rare bath the other night (I’ll set ‘em up, you knock ‘em down) and it occurred to me that, although I don’t get a bath very often, it’s the kind of thing I like to do after a long day outside.

Although I’m not a bath kind of girl, when I get one it needs to be deep enough to wallow in. It’s normally about resting my feet and bobbing about in the water courtesy of a floaty bath pillow.

While I was wallowing the other evening I got to thinking about the perfect campsite bathroom. Practicalities aside, I started to make a mental list. After a quick discussion with Husband, during which he declared the perfect bathroom should be “in our tent”, we came up with the following list of things that me perfect campsite bathroom would have:

  • A clean, heated floor
  • A towel rail
  • Shower cubicles big enough to have a dry bit where you can put your towel and clothes, and which is also big enough to actually get dressed in without knocking your elbows on the sides
  • Shower cubicles big enough for two – so errant children can get properly clean without the parents being wet up to their armpits
  • Hooks to hang your towel & clothes from instead of piling them on the floor
  • A heated towel rail per shower
  • Equal water pressure in all showers – no more sending Husband to try to figure out if there’s a good or bad “end” in both the men’s and women’s blocks
  • Unlimited hot water (solar-heated would be good, if not too practical given the UK climate)
  • Plenty of space around the sinks for putting washbags
  • A separate family bathroom with space for at least four people to get washed and dried. This means I don’t get lumbered with getting both kids cleaned
  • Mirrors somewhere other than over the sink, so I can put on a bit of concealer from a distance closer than two feet
  • Dry toilet roll
  • No tokens or coins to operate the showers
  • A moveable shower head – I don’t necessarily want to wash my hair every day. Neither do I want to only be able to put one limb in at once for fear of getting it wet
  • Hair dryers – and a mirror I can see in while using it
  • Other plug sockets for straighteners (although since I had all my hair cut off, I don’t need those any more)

Moving on from the facilities provided to other practicalities, I wonder if there’s such a thing as a washbag which contains pockets and unfurls to reveal a hook from which to hang it up? Kind of like the clothes storage things that you get in tents, but for bathroom products. This will save me bumping my bum on the side of the cubicle every time I have to bend down to get the next bottle of shower gel/shampoo/conditioner/face wash.

Also, I know how practical microfibres towels are, both in terms of how small they are to pack and how quickly they dry, but I can’t stand the feel of them. So if there’s such a thing as a warm fluffy bath towel, which packs down to the size of a handkerchief, that would be grand.

So, if your know which campsite has a bathroom like the one above, please please post the link below.

Any more suggestions for the perfect campsite bathroom?


7 thoughts on “The perfect camping bathroom

    1. admin Post author

      Ha ha Phil. It’s already an 8-man, don’t think we can realistically get a bigger one, so I’ll have to moderate my ambitions

  1. Hazel

    Ha, ha! that kind of thinking leads inevitably towards booking a hotel instead…However, the best shower block I have ever come across is at South Penquite Farm, high on Bodmin Moor. I have reviewed it over on my blog. I was very impressed and took lots of photos! And yes there is such a thing as the type of washbag you describe – we have one! (google ‘roll up’ or ‘hanging’ wash bag) Thanks for coming to visit Yellowfields by the way!

  2. Jo casey

    Rosspark at Ipplepen Devon, has best showers I’ve ever seen, is a converted stable block and you get a whole private bathroom to yourself, plenty of room for kids as well, absolutle fab.

    1. Louise

      Thanks for the recommendation Jo. We’re looking at coming much further south in next year’s summer hols, so will look that one up.

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