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Snugly in my North Face coat – a review

I’ve wanted one for more years than I care to remember. Ever since I was the enabler helping a friend shop for a warm coat to commute to work in, I’ve lusted after my own knee-length, down-filled piece of snuggliness.

I think that desire was latent for a while. It came and went as my time stood on windy train platforms at 7am came to an end. But that was replaced by windy and often wet school runs and, contrary to what my parents might tell you, I’m an outdoors kinda girl, so we still walk the mile to school, even if it’s raining. We won’t shrink, as my neighbour pointed out the other day.

In fact, I did buy a new outdoor coat two winters ago but I obviously forgot about wanting a warm bum and thighs because, although it has stopped the wind and kept my upper half warm through snow, when choosing it I just didn’t think about getting a longer one.

A wise man (that would be you Phil) once pointed out that any fool can be cold. So I’m bloody delighted with my latest purchase of a North Face Metropolis Parka.

20130210-154405.jpg More than that, it comes in colours other than black which, when you have my colouring, is definitely something to be thankful for. I don’t really do black. It makes me look dead.

Anyway, mine is a lovely aubergine colour (I think Husband would call it purple, but us girls can be more descriptive with our colours). It reaches to my knees and in the week since I’ve had it, my bum hasn’t been cold once. Which is some feat, given the snow we had at the start of the week.

Anyway, it is filled with down (it’s rated 600 but I’m yet to figure out what that is. 600 chickens maybe?) and a stylish patchwork creates lots of little feather-filled pockets, which I presume help with the warmth. The biting winds we’ve had up north recently haven’t been a patch on it and I used the detachable hood to outwit a surprise shower on the school run on Friday.

It has two well-placed, softly lined pockets for your hands. They aren’t shiny on the inside, but lined with brushed cotton so your hands are instantly soothed. They also zip closed, which is great for when you drop your car key or mobile in them and don’t want to worry about whether it will be there when you need it again. I also just discovered an inside zipped pocket which is big enough for a small purse and mobile.

The only criticism I would have is that there is no way to nip in the waist of the coat, leaving me looking a little thicker round the middle than I’d like. But you can’t have everything, and I’ll take thicker round the middle than colder in the arse any day.

It just remains for me to say a heartfelt thanks to R for helping facilitate the purchase. I fell in the love with the coat on a hanger in a shop and ordered one the next day without even trying it on. In terms of price per use, it’s going to be a pretty cheap coat on current form. So if the Internet rumours are true and there’s more snow on the way, I can only say, bring it on. I’m ready for you.

(Except maybe my feet. My feet are in need of some new wellies and perhaps some snow boots, then I’ll be ready for snow. Don’t want Husband to keel over at my spending though, so perhaps I’ll stick with what I’ve got for now.)


One thought on “Snugly in my North Face coat – a review

  1. Phil Daniels

    I believe the ‘Fill Rating’ is to do with the ‘Fill Power’ i.e. quality of the coat. Depending on which web site you look at, 500 is considered low and 800 is considered high. I guess it’s personal preference, but I think 600 is fine for the UK :-) If you were going to the North Pole, then 800 is a must! Looks good though!

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