All the camping gear

Rain stopped play

On our way home from our first break, damp and a bit squished (why does it look like we’ve more stuff, not less?).

Things I’d forgotten about camping:

– the slightest incline makes sleeping bags slide
– even light drizzle on a tent sounds like a raging river is beating down on you
– at night you can hear a pin drop – or another camper fart
– the slower pace of life, most welcome
– you should blow toasted marshmallows before eating them
– good company can make the trip, regardless of the weather


2 thoughts on “Rain stopped play

  1. Ellie Dubya

    Such a shame about the pants weather but we really enjoyed being with you all – thank you for inviting us along! Pity we didn’t manage another night around the camp fire putting the world to rights due to the rain. We hope Pete didn’t chunter too much about never going camping again on the way home and that there will be a next time where the weather is more clement and we can do more stuff together. David was very impressed with just how organised you were for your first trip! Hope to see you again very soon but perhaps in less wet circumstances! xxx

    1. allthegear Post author

      Overall we had a great time, although Husband will be forever grumpy about it I’m sure. We’ve another weekend booked, do there’s time yet for him to realise camping’s potential.

      Let’s just say there won’t be a new everything-you-need-for-camping bundle on Ebay just yet.

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