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Operation Vacance

In my old job I worked with teams who specialised in undercover investigations. Sometimes it felt straight out of a James Patterson novels, with code names, hidden ear-pieces and microphones and cameras attached to trees in an attempt to capture vital evidence.

I wasn’t on the front line – no crawling around in combats for me – but I was the media liaison when we invited various journalists to tag along for the ride. I always wanted to be able to name an operation but apparently there’s a strict protocol about how the names are allocated. So to satisfy my own need I’ve created a name for my quest to persuade Husband to go camping in France for our main family holiday next year – I present you with Operation Vacance.

Alright, so it’s not the most creative I’ve ever been, but it plays to my ego and it is my blog after all!

We didn’t go abroad this year as I’ve been busy establishing my own business and, to be honest, cash has been tighter than in previous years. Combine that with the price of a traditional package holiday reaching the heady heights of £4k for the four of us in school holidays and I’m sure you can understand why we’ve been Blighty-bound this year.

Having dipped our toes in the world of camping at least three of us enjoy it, so I decided to investigate some options for camping in France. I spent quite a few holidays on Keycamp and Eurocamp holidays while growing up (you might want to read about travel essentials in France, or the time when G had to drive back to the campsite half-naked) so I have happy memories of pine forest camp sites, tents pitched on sand (how did they do that?!) and chicken and chips from the takeaway van.

There is a problem though. Husband doesn’t “do” France. I won’t share his irrational views with you – based, I have to say, on one school trip to Paris and a ten-day holiday to the Dordogne when Mimi was six months old – but suffice to say that if he made a list of countries he didn’t want to visit, France would be right at the top.

So Operation Vacance has commenced. Without wanting to diss my partner and best friend, he’s a simple soul. And, at the risk of blowing my cover, he probably already realises that booking a holiday to France is inevitable. We’ve been together 13 years and know each other pretty well, so I know that in order to get may way I need to seed the idea, then leave it a while. Then I need to present logic and evidence, and leave it a while. Then I need to set a deadline for a decision.

Now Husband reads the blog, but I’m not giving anything away because he also knows that I know!

The operation is underway. Resistance is futile. Vive la France


4 thoughts on “Operation Vacance

  1. Phil Daniels

    I’ve never camped in France, but I’ve driven through it (without stopping) many times (I was a soldier for many years and spent a lot of time in Germany – the cheapest route home was via Calais). So maybe I’m not qualified to share your Husband’s reservations about going to France. However, don’t let him read Emma Kennedy’s ‘The Tent, the Bucket and me’ that describes her rather unfortunate experiences camping in France!

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