All the camping gear

Ode to camping

Camping is our hobby, I’m really glad we went,
But I really had to lobby, just to buy the tent.

Three trips we tried to make last year, one was stopped by rain,
I’m pleased we didn’t end up having to dry the tent – again.

Bigger’s always better, at least that’s what we thought,
So a monster eight-man Vango with a porch is what we bought.

Chairs, pans and a table; sleeping bags and beds,
Thermals, wellies, hot water bottles and woolly hats for our heads.

Blankets, lamps, an oven; a BBQ as well,
When he saw the pile of packing, Husband really gave me hell.

Stuff it in the corners, pack behind the seat,
We even put the cool box under the Tinies’ feet.

All was good when we arrived, the children had a ball,
And putting up our brand new tent really took no time at all.

Running all around the fields, naming bugs and slugs,
Playing in the puddles while mummy and daddy glug

I mean sip our favourite tipple, as we sat beside the fire,
Watching the sun go down and waiting to retire.

We chose family camp sites, with curfews for the noise,
It means it’s nice and quiet for all the girls and boys.

But nature doesn’t do curfews, it’s as noisy as can be,
Which is a problem when your sleeping could be broken by a flea.

Woken up by donkeys, kept awake by birds,
Seeing geese fly over and watching cows in their herds.

Still, the children really like it. It’s lots of fun and games,
I really wish we could persuade Husband to feel the same.

We’ve not been very lucky, the weather’s not been kind,
But I’m determined to keep going, the rain can kiss my behind.

So come on 2013, let’s see what you’ve got,
I want to get the tent out – I want to go a lot!

Let’s home we’re lucky in 2013


7 thoughts on “Ode to camping

  1. Kate, Scattymumofboys

    I really want to get in to and like camping again as I loved it when I was younger but I think it would have to be glamping as I seem to feel the
    Cold and damp more now I’m an old lady of 31 ;D

    The boys would absolutely love it though which is why I definitely want to give it a go and love the tip about campsites with a curfew, I hadn’t thought of that.

    1. admin

      A good set of thermals sorts out the cold – you can get pretty pink ones now. The main reason we go us for the kids, they love it!

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