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Making it all add up

They say it’s the most important thing, and for us it was certainly a big factor, the location of our first-ever camping trip, that is.

We needed far enough away to be away, but not so far that it feels like we spent the whole holiday travelling. We’re lucky, being in “God’s own country” we have lots of beautiful locations within easy reach. But should we go for countryside or seaside? East coast or Pennines? National Park or Peak District?

In the end I made use of the campsite reviews on UK Campsite. It’s an amazing resource where you can search for campsites by location or key word and read independent reviews from fellow campers. As usual, deciding where we go was all down to me. Husband doesn’t “do” holiday decisions. He has plenty of opinions, but always leaves the final call to me. I’ve never figured out whether it’s a deliberate ploy to absolve himself of responsibility in case it all goes wrong, or whether he’s simply happy to go with whatever I decide.

Anyway, no pressure on the campsite front. It’s only our first camping trip as a family, the one that could make or break my children’s views about it as a holiday choice and, more to the point, the one that needs to change my husband’s firmly-entrenched view about how awful camping is.

So the criteria became simple. Within 90 minutes of home, close to the coast, some facilities on site to interest the children, probably small, probably independent. Easy!

Err, well. Turns out that it’s not that straight-forward. You see, we applied our “more is more” theory to the purchase of our tent and the result is more than 20 square metres of living and sleeping space. A lot of campsites, I now discover, have fixed sizes for their pitches and our tent is a touch too big for these.

So, a bit more research was in order and I discovered the answer to how long you should spend choosing a campsite is the length of a piece of string. I could have lost myself for days just in UK Campsite, let alone all of the other options Google swiftly delivered to my laptop. So in the end, common sense prevailed. I shortlisted four sites in East Yorkshire that fit the location which scored at least 8/10 and went with my gut.

I’ve never been much good at maths. But I’m hoping I’ve got this one equation right. There’s plenty resting on it. And the answer I’ve come up with? Well, in true exam style, here are my workings-out…

Family + large new tent + first-ever camping trip = Humble Bee Farm


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