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Is it too early to say the C word? (Christmas, that is)

I always try to get to November before thinking too much about Christmas, especially as Husband’s birthday is at the start of that month and I don’t want to over-shadow it with festive frippery.Tent decorated with Christmas lights

But my mind is wandering almost of its own accord to the big date this year, perhaps because The Tinies are already making mental lists for the big man, so I thought I’d put together a wishlist of my own.

So here it is, my money-no-object camping Christmas list, because I’ve been a really,   really good girl, honest Santa.

  1. A boginabag – I think these are inspired and would help with my middle-of-the-night loo issue
  2. Top of the range Thermarest Dreamtime – hoping it would solve the sleep problem
  3. Porch extension for our tent – so there’s somewhere for shoes and a bit more storage
  4. A pop-up trailer. Think I saw one of these in a recent Camping magazine and quite liked the idea
  5. A butler – okay, so perhaps butler isn’t the right term, but if someone could pack up all our gear, transport it to the campsite and have it all pitched and ready when we get there, with the BBQ hot and the beers cold, I’d be in heaven. Oh, and they’d need to do the reverse once the trip was over
  6. Decent Swiss Army Knife – what can I say? Spending my weekends on a farm when I was growing up introduced me to chainsaws, tree climbing and motorbike riding. I might play the helpless female, but I’m actually quite a practical person. I reckon one of these would get plenty of use in the camping kit
  7. Collapsible non-electric heater – I expect this doesn’t actually exist, but I’m thinking not powered by electricity because we don’t always have hook up and collapsible because we have no space for extra kit. Perhaps someone makes one that can slide under a car seat? Something like that, so we can have a toasty-warm tent without the electricity
  8. An insulated, breathable tent – alright, so this is probably another one which doesn’t exist, but I’m thinking a tent that is insulated to keep in the heat from the collapsible heater, but breathable so that we don’t get all sweaty and condensation on the windows. That would be fantastic
  9. Super-insulated cup – a big one that stays warm for ages because for me there’s a fine line between coffee that’s mouth-scaldingly hot and too cold to drink.
  10. Truly black-out sleeping pods – one each for the Tinies and a large one for my and Husband so we can get to sleep in the light evenings and not wake up with the larks. Oh, and any chance of some sound-proofing too?

What would be on your Christmas camping list?


4 thoughts on “Is it too early to say the C word? (Christmas, that is)

  1. Rob Baker

    Well, you don’t want much do you! At least a couple of your wishlist items are easily achievable though. – stove top heater that takes up little space but puts out a lot of heat. Simply stick it on top of your existing gas burner.

    I have slept in a black out inner tent, they were a fad for while, it was awful felt like being under ground. i’d recommend wearing a sleeping mask instead if you really want to shut out the light.

    As for insulated and breathable tents these have been around for centuries, its called canvas! A proper cotton canvas tent will be cooler in the day, warmer at night and create far less condensation than any Nylon tent. Best of all you can pick up good secondhand examples on ebay for next to nothing, the penalty of course is the extra size and weight over a plastic tent but you can’t have everything.

    Hope santa brings you something nice :)

  2. Rob Baker

    I’m glad you are persevering. This has been an awful year weather-wise so you haven’t really had a great introduction to the hobby. I hope 2013 will be kinder to you and that hubbys patience lasts a little longer!

    Our first child is due this week so 2013 will be a new experience for us as well, camping with a little one. I think perhaps the tent will see less use than our more comfortable folding camper, at least in the early part of the season but I definitely want to get little man introduced to canvas ASAP.

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