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I win! Time to book a holiday in France

Mission complete. Or at least operation complete.

Of those who know me well, I’m sure few doubted my ability to bring round Husband on the subject of next year’s holiday. I know he won’t mind me saying that the man is very concerned about his family being happy and, finances allowing, would do pretty much anything to make them so.

All it took was the seeding of the idea, a little gentle persuasion and the confirmation of a new project for me, and Husband has relented.

I’m currently on the train home from a nine-day work trip to Spain and can’t wait to see Husband and The Tinies after being away for what feels like an age. The only problem I have is that the early booking discounts all appear to end this weekend, so my usual style of holiday research – leisurely and thorough – may have to be compromised so that we can get the best deal.

I think we’ll be going to the Vendee because the weather is good and it’s only a 3-hour drive from St Malo. We regularly do those kind of distances to Pops’ house, so The Tinies are used to the drive. There’s just the small matter of a 9-hour overnight ferry on the way there, and an 8-hour daytime one on the way back. But I’ll cross that bridge, if that isn’t mixing my metaphors too much.

Barring the location, all we want from a campsite is to be close to the beach and perhaps a kids club so The Tinies can do a few activities and make some friends. I’ve already said that for 11 days I think it’s worth having our own bathroom, especially in light of the tales my mum tells about our family holidays and headlice, so we’ll have a static caravan, rather than a tent.

All that remains is to select a tour operator and actual campsite, so any recommendations are most welcome. By Tuesday if you will, so I can get on with booking it before Husband changes his mind and cancels my credit card.

The file on Operation Vacance isn’t quite closed, but it’s fair to say it has gone my way and I can’t tell you how happy I am about that. À bientôt.


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