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Waving the white flag

White flagIn the immortal words of bouffant haired rock gods Rainbow ‘I surrender’. I had hoped that this camping malarkey was just an itch which needed scratching but it’s now going to need serious surgery to be removed from our lives and would appear it’s staying.

I’d hoped that the practicalities would mean that The Wife would start to work out for herself that it really didn’t work for us. The ace up my sleeve was the enforced change of car which took place in October, reducing me from a spacious estate to a significantly smaller hatchback. There was no way we were going to fit all our camping gear in there and I was already writing Ebay adverts for the camping gear in my head.

So why am I here in March asking why the hatchback now has a tow bar fitted? Why have I spent the last couple of weeks searching places like Freeads, Ebay and Gumtree for suitable trailers and ultimately why did I go to Lincolnshire last week to pick one up?

Somehow I’ve also agreed to 2 camping trips during May, one of which is over a Bank Holiday. A Bank Holiday weekend, am I mad? They’re not exactly known for their great weather are they?

The first trip of the year will be with friends we met when the Wife and I were on honeymoon in the Maldives. Not much difference is there, a paradise island to a field in Derbyshire? That’s what kids do to you people! Anyway we’ve kept in touch with C&N since that magical holiday and this will be their first camping trip with their 2 young girls. It’s going to be a very odd situation as me and the Wife will be the experienced couple after our 2 trips last year. God help them is all I can say!

Our second trip is with L&D who along with their kids endured our first camping trip with us to Scarborough (something which has already been written about in this blog). Now L&D are seasoned campers and find it highly amusing that it really isn’t my thing. We saw them a couple of weeks ago in York and over tea they revealed that the morning we packed up they hadn’t dared speak to me in case I’d blown a fuse. To be fair I had had little sleep and wanted to pack up at 5am, something the Wife had vetoed for the sake of the other campers. I will be better this time, I promise*

People keep telling me that last year was exceptional when it came to the weather and that this year will be better. Well I’m hoping that:

Good friends + good weather = happy Husband

I don’t think I’ll ever be the one arranging camping trips but if we could go once and have good weather they might become more bearable.

The Husband

*Fingers were crossed in the making of this promise.


4 thoughts on “Waving the white flag

  1. Phil Daniels

    Now you’ve spent hard-earned cash on a tow bar and trailer, I guess you’ve got no choice other than to ‘go with the flow’. It’ll be great!

  2. Suzanne

    Ha ha! Good weather and camping NEVER appear in the same sentence – we are testament to that! We’re going camping next weekend so waiting until May is definitely a good call, based on the snow outside this morning :(

    1. admin

      What’s the secret Suzanne? Somebody somewhere must know how to go camping in the sunshine. I’d pay good money to know!

      Good luck this weekend. Hope you have lots of thermals

  3. Rob B

    Give me a field in Derbyshire any day :)

    We only managed 3 camping trips last year because my Wife was pregnant and partly because i was saving up my leave for when baby arrived but all 3 trips were dry and warm. Not one drop of rain hit the canvas, so it is possible.

    We tend to go early, March, April and May and then later, September and October and find that generally catches the best of the weather. Sometimes its just about being flexible, if the forecast looks bad at your intended destination then be prepared to turn around and head off somewhere else instead.

    Above all else if it does rain, so what? If you have the right gear you will stay warm and dry anyway and you could be in a cottage or hotel and still have to contend with bad weather when going out for the day. Now you have a trailer, stick any wet gear in there and just dry it all out at home, easy peasy :)

    Have fun.

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