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Humbled – but competitive: the MADs 2013

I was blown away by a text from a friend last week. It told me I’d been shortlisted in the MAD blogging awards.

At the time, I didn’t realise the significance and presumed that the travel category wouldn’t have been too hotly-contested. How wrong I was.

There were 131 blogs nominated in that category, and this one, dear reader, has made it to the final 5. I cannot begin to tell you how proud, and how humble, I am to be shortlisted among some pretty amazing blogs in what is the biggest set of blogging awards in the UK.

I already get to go to the swish awards do in London, which many people would be satisfied with. The problem is, I have a serious competitive streak. I’m not a bad loser, I do gracious quite well, but I am a pretty good winner it has to be said.

So here’s how it is. I want to sob Gwyneth-stylee clutching an award in my hand – but only if you think I deserve it.

To remind you of the kinds of stuff I write about, here are three of my favourite blogs, which I’d love you to read. Then, if you want to vote for me, I’d be honoured.

Camping essentials in France

Damping, the new camping

Camping by numbers

Voting is quite simple this time. Simply click here enter your name & email, select All The Camping Gear from the travel blog drop-down list and submit. Simples. Voting closes on 26 March, so don’t spend too long deciding, will you? (Some people have had problems with the link above, so for clarity it’s )

Here’s the shiny new badge they’ve given me. I’m pretty proud of it!



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