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Car trouble

I don’t want to appear ungrateful, I really don’t, but I think we might have a problem.

Husband is lucky enough to have a lease car, which means we get the use of a new car every four years which is taxed, insured (for both of us), and serviced.

The catch this time around is that we don’t get to choose what the car is. We could choose small, medium or large, and that’s as far as the specifying went.

We were quite pleased when we found out it was to be a Kia Ce’ed as you get quite a lot of kit, even on the basic model. In particular The Tinies are loving the voice control of both the CD player and our mobiles.

Unfortunately, because it’s the brand brand new Ce’ed design, it doesn’t yet have a tow bar option. This is about the only thing we would have been able to specify, but as it’s such a new car they haven’t worked out how to put one on yet.

This leaves us with a vastly reduced boot space – we used to have a Focus estate – and no chance of attaching a trailer for at least the next year. We have a roof box, but Husband is serious when he says he doesn’t think we’ll get half of our kit into the new set up. Now I feel like we’re back to being in danger of putting the job lot on a certain auction site.

So, back to one of our very original questions. What exactly are the essentials that you need for camping. Back then I said something to sleep in, on and within were the very basics, but what about chairs and a table – are these essential? (With two small children, I’m kind of thinking the chairs are at the very least).

Once the weather is a bit better (read, once it’s not raining like the world is ending) we might do a trail pack of the car and roof box to see exactly what we can fit in. If the weather decides to be kinder in 2013 I might be able to leave all of the blankets behind, but that’s not going to save us all that much space.

So, back to the jigsaw puzzle that is packing the car for camping. Do you have any tips or tricks that could help? Please? Anyone?


One thought on “Car trouble

  1. Phil Daniels

    I would suggest that with two youngsters, a table and chairs is pretty much necessary. If nothing else, it should prevent breakfast ending up on the groundsheet! How about one of those collapsible picnic table/chair sets? Try this for an example:–chairs-12391-p.asp. You can probably get something similar much cheaper from somewhere like Amazon.
    There are also individual children’s tables like this: And chairs:
    All of these are reasonably light and don’t take up too much space.
    Hope this helps.

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