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There’s an unwritten set of rules when camping which will make your break more enjoyable and help you fit in with the camping community. There are no funny handshakes or passwords to get in, just a few things to bear in mind, so here’s our beginner’s guide to camping etiquette.

  1. Say hello. Campers are a friendly bunch, and those in caravans and motor homes aren’t bad either
  2. Take your empties to the recycling, preferably when you go for your last wee of the day before bedtime. Then no one will see you’ve had four bottles of beer, three bottles of cider and a bottle of wine that day
  3. Although it’s fun, don’t smash the glass recycling into the bin. Especially not at midnight
  4. When playing cricket with the kids at the campsite, don’t allocate extra points for hitting nearby caravans
  5. Don’t encourage the kids to make a fuss when someone breaks wind, especially if it’s the person in the tent next door. Even the Queen farts you know
  6. Mop the shower all the way up to the door when you’ve finished. No one likes to get grass on their feet when trying to get clean. The same goes for swilling out the sink when you’ve brushed your teeth
  7. Keep the noise down. Beer + BBQ + holiday can equal over-enthusiastic socialising, but as campsites tend to be located in quiet rural areas noise travels very easily, so keep it down as the evening gets later. Check with your campsite about their rule on noise, most draw the line at 10pm


What would you advice a novice camper that they need to know? Any hints or tips on camping etiquette most appreciated in the comments.



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