All the camping gear

Camping ditty

We’re going camping, we’re going to take a trip,
Going to put the tent up, hope it doesn’t drip.
Hoping for some sunshine, instead of lots of rain,
If it’s going to chuck it down we might not go again.

Husband’s kinda smiling, though he won’t like to admit it,
He can’t remember packing the cake, (I think that he hid it).
The radio’s a-playin’ happy lovely songs,
After three nights together in a tent do you think we’ll get along?!

We’ve got all the essentials – beans, beer & BBQ,
(And a couple of cheeky tins of Pimms. Might eat some marshmallows too).
Flying kites, stomping rockets and throwing balls at heads,
We’re going to wear the b**gers out so they fall unconscious in their beds.

The eye masks are all packed so we can try to get some sleep,
The bloody birds had better not think that 5am’s good to tweet!
‘Cos that’s the contradiction with camping, we want to be outdoors,
But we don’t want to hear the animals with their moos and tweets and caws.

We’ll be dirty, damp and smelly by the time we head for home,
With bigger tums and numb bums from sitting all that long.
Our adventure will be over and I think that we’ll be sad,
‘Cos actually this camping lark, isn’t all that bad.


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