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Camping chic?

Is it possible to still look stylish while camping? What exactly is camping chic? If it exists I haven’t found it yet. I always arrive at a camp site with the feeling I look like I’ve covered myself in superglue, run naked through Go Outdoors and come out wearing what stuck.

Whatever you wear has it be practical. Jeans can really only be worn in limited circumstances (that is, if there is categorically no chance of it raining, otherwise they’ll be wet ’til you get home). You need to be able to put on layers to stay warm while sitting out in the evenings and you probably need an element of shower/waterproof for those inevitable rain showers.

20130914-210941.jpg I have some nice lightweight walking trousers, a bit like combats, and normally I combine this with t-shirt tops and fleeces. I also have some shiny new stripy wellies of which I’m very proud. So I tick the practical box, but not really the stylish one.

That said, we were pitched next to some camping newbies the last time we were away and the girls had turned up in festival chic. Don’t get my wrong, they looked great. It was all cut off jeans and Hunter wellies, but it only lasted until it started to get cool around 5pm and then the jeans and hoodies came out. They admitted that they’d realised their original attire had become impractical as the day wore on.

So how do you do it? I’m sure it’s not a burning question for all campers but it surely can’t be too much to ask to look stylish and keep warm can it? Answers on a postcard…


7 thoughts on “Camping chic?

  1. Hazel

    You know what, I know it goes against all outdoor wisdom but I still always wear jeans, unless it is actually hot then shorts. Plus of course plenty of layers and walking boots or some easy to slip on and off trainer type things. I generally save fleeces until evening coolness sets in. During the day I wear a fairly light cardi and always have my trusty, purple, walking jacket to hand. Not sure if that constitutes stylish but it works for me and I feel like I can walk around a town without feeling I have a large sign round my neck saying ‘I am camping!’

    1. Louise Post author

      I tend to take flip flops as they’re quick on & off for in & out of the tent. Kids have Crocs, but I can’t being myself to get any.

      Know what you mean about the “I’m camping” sign. Although the state of my hair might give that away!

  2. Phil Daniels

    I wear the same stuff I always wear when I’m not at work. This is basically ‘scruff’ order i.e walking trousers/shorts (I don’t wear jeans ever), micro fleece top/tee shirt, walking trainers/boots, and flip flops for the showers. I guess camping chic isn’t as important to us blokes. The Wife wears pretty much the same stuff when camping but it looks so much better on her!

  3. Rob B

    Like Phil, my camping clothes tend to be my everyday clothes as well. I do possess jeans but they rarely get worn.

    On a completely unrelated note (and a shameless bit of promotion) come visit the new camping forum that im involved with – its small at the moment but growing rapidly. Join in!

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