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Camping by numbers

We’re on the way back from camping in Filey – in the rain (no surprise there then).

Husband described it as “better”, so definite progress on that front.

By way of a short summary, here’s our latest break in numbers:

Nights spent camping – 2
Total hours sleep per adult – 13 (not bad)
Ice creams each – 2
Times Mimi woke up on the floor – 2
Sandcastles built – 1 huge one
Different animal noises that woke me & Husband – 4 (donkeys, geese, seagulls, wood pigeons)
Sausages cooked on BBQ – 10
New friends made – 4
Bottles of beer imbibed – 8
Bottles of wine imbibed – 2
Portions of fish & chips – 1 each
Small bags of charcoal burnt purely for having something to sit around – 2
Times we thought we might get away with packing the tent away dry – 2 ( we didn’t)
Times we walked into Filey – 3
Showers between the 4 of us – 2 (grown ups only, thank goodness for washing up bowls)
Journeys in the rain – 1 there, 1 back
Times Husband threatened to put camping gear on eBay – 3
Times he meant it – 0
Pieces of new kit Husband thinks we might need – 3 (including a trailer!)
Tent poles snapped – 1
Strength of wind during putting up on tent – 15mph (see above for result)
Seconds taken to put double sleeping bag away now I know it’s called a stuff sack – 60
Loads of washing to do when we get home – 2



5 thoughts on “Camping by numbers

    1. allthegear Post author

      Good luck with that! They’re pretty portable at that age – we took Mimi to France at 5 months (not camping though!). As long as she’s warm at night you’d probably be okay. But late this summer, but maybe a sale bargain will set you up for next?

    2. The Husband

      Definitely too small. I’d leave it until she’s at least 16, then she can go on her own and you can go to a nice hotel.

  1. Rob Baker

    Glad to hear you are sticking with it and dare I say even enjoying it? I guarantee that your first dry trip (which will happen, mid to late September is surprisingly often the best time) will have you sold on camping for life.

    1. allthegear Post author

      Thanks Rob. We’re off again next weekend & that’s it fit the season, so I’ll not to irk Mother Nature between now & then and we may get lucky.

      A definite improvement from Husband, so I can only continue to hope.

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