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Wish list for facilities at a virgin campsite – what would you include?


I am beyond excited that friends of ours are hoping to open their own campsite. It will actually be one with yurts, rather than our kind of tent, but it’s a virgin site (okay, it’s a field with a building with water & power) so it’s a totally blank canvas. And hey, if they need people to try it out while they’re giving it the finishing touches, who better than I?! (Glamping is on my bucket list and we’ve not made it yet. So shoot me!)

So I got to thinking, if you could design a campsite from scratch, what would you include. We can’t influence the geography of the place, but I’m assured it has beautiful views. But outside of that, what would be in your wish list? Here’s mine:

  • family-sized showers, in BOTH mens and women’s shower blocks. Exactly why is it always my responsibility to wash my grubby kids?
  • heated floors in the showers. Goes without saying
  • something to sit on in the shower cubicles. How else am I going to get my feet dry & socks on without falling over?
  • lots, and lots and lots of hooks in the showers. More is more so things don’t end up on the floor and wet
  • showers without timers (are you sensing a theme?)
  • a slightly lower sink for the little people to wash their hands in independently, or a magic step so they can reach
  • fire pits (or similar) for hire. At Humble Bee Farm they deliver them each evening with a fresh supply of logs. Because fire is a pre-requisite for camping
  • a large mat just inside the door of the yurt. Big enough so a couple of you can take off your shoes at once. Saves grass in the tent
  • a playground in view of a couple of the yurts – perhaps not them all as some people will be getting away from kids
  • somewhere to sit to watch the children play. And something comfier than a wooden bench. A swing seat perhaps?
  • good lighting, I’d go as far as to say magical lighting, both for practical purposes of mid-night toilet trips, but also for general atmosphere
  • a reasonable curfew, just in case some people don’t appreciate the peace & quiet element of ‘getting away form it all’
  • a nature walk on the site, so there’s something to do when you’re back at camp
  • loads of comfy blankets inside the yurt. Preferably including a furry one
  • a wood burner in the yurt
  • a mini shop on site selling camping essentials, like marshmallows for the hot chocolate
  • perhaps a box of toys to borrow and return, definitely including kites

What would you add? What would tip the balance for you booking one site over another? Or what would make you give up your tent for the weekend and try a yurt instead? Please do give us your ideas in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Wish list for facilities at a virgin campsite – what would you include?

  1. Hazel

    Ha, ha! Love your obsession with showers and bathrooms, but yes agree about space, somewhere to sit and lots of hooks. Have never had heated floors! You are v. Fancy! How wonderful for your friends. I am very jealous. Personally I would prefer rope swings or things like bales of hay for kids to jump around on, maybe logs or something to scramble on but more of an emphasis on finding things to play on/ with rather than play equipment. Nature walk very good idea. A little supply of board games. I would also promote a sense of privacy by leaving grass long between yurts, with paths and areas for plaiyng frisby etc mown in. Seed lots of wild flowers in the grass. Option for outdoor washing up area. Outdoor washing up one of my fav camping pleasures. Am I getting carried away? Can you tell I’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about it. Ha,ha. If they need any testers give them my contact!

  2. Peter Taylor

    You wrote you would like “somewhere to sit to watch the children play”. I am a big fan of table tennis, so I love campgrounds which have a playground with a tabletennis table where I can play with one of my kids, while keeping an eye out for the others.

    1. Louise Post author

      I do Peter, but I also like to join in. Show me a swing (especially a rope swing) and I’m there. But I’ve not the same energy that The Tinies have so do need to sit down sometimes!

  3. Alan

    I’m glad you mentioned fire pits for hire, camping and a campfire go hand in hand and a lot of camp sites don’t allow open fire.

    I would also mention including a flat surface to cook on. Ideally made of stone so it can be BBQ’d upon and used to cook. It wouldn’t take up much space at all on any pitch and it would be appreciated by anyone who wants to do their own cooking!

    1. Louise Post author

      Agreed, fire is absolutely essential to camping. I love gazing into a proper fire and allowing my mind to wander. It’s also the thing that persuades Husband to keep coming. That & the red wine…

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