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We were really lucky to be sent some brand new insect repellent to test on our camping adventures and we’re pretty impressed.

Ultrathon did some research earlier in the summer about mosquitoes in the UK. If, like me, you mainly think of them being a pest you need to avoid abroad, you might be surprised to hear that the survey found 50% of people they spoke to had abandoned a picnic due to pests.  And given the reports last week that mosquitoes have had a bumper summer (Mosquito Watch has even been set up by the authorities to try to accurately record numbers), never has there been a better time to protect the family. Ultrathon insect repellent

Knowing I’m particularly prone to being bitten I jumped at the chance to use a new insect repellent and no sooner had it arrived through the letterbox did I have need for it.

You’re probably thinking we were off camping by a lake or river somewhere, but actually, we were at home, in our own bedroom. Personally I can cope with midges and flying things when I’m out in the fresh air or strolling along the beach on holiday, but the thought of being a sitting duck in my own bed fills me with horror. Especially as Husband seems to have some in-built immunity to being bitten and I’m like some kind of all you can eat buffet as far as biting things are concerned.

I woke up one morning with three pretty big welts on my shoulder which we can only presume were bites. They were red, itchy and swollen and took about 10 days to disappear. There was no sign of anything in our room but I wasn’t taking any chances so the next night I sprayed myself liberally with Ultrathon and woke up untouched. I continued the ritual for the following four nights until I was sure that the little monster had gone.

I also gave some Ultrathon to my mother in law who had been so badly bitten – by a horse fly we are told – that her whole hand and wrist swelled up. She applied it religiously for a week and on the one day she forgot went to an afternoon tea party and was bitten again. Make of that what you will.

The repellent is available in spray, pump or gel and lasts for up to 12 hours – great for if you’re going out with the children. It’s also splash-resistant. I did find it had a strong smell so made sure to apply it where there was plenty of air, but the smell soon faded (and to be honest, I felt a bit better that it did have a smell!).

Ultrathon has earned a place in our camping essentials box and I’ll be taking it on any other outdoor activities we do before winter kicks in and the little so-and-sos die off.


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