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A wee issue

Without wanting to go into too much detail, I’m not great at going extended periods without access to a loo. Nevermind the kids, I’m the one who goes for a wee before we leave for a walk but still ends up needing one halfway round.

The issue of the last wee before bedtime and the first one in the morning was one of the things that concerned me when we were thinking of going camping, especially if we were planning on having a glass of wine (or three) around the campfire.

Friends of ours have a bucket with a lid which they keep in the tent. We have just such an item in the garage, having used cloth nappies with both of the Tinies, but Husband flatly refused to entertain the idea of bringing it along. I pointed out that the problem was more for us girls than the boys, but this didn’t sway him and some arguments just aren’t worth having.

But I think I’ve come across the answer! Boginabag is like a little fold out stool with a hole in the middle from which you suspend one of their special plastic bags with absorbant crystals. Once you’re done you take off the bag, tie it up and pop it in the bin.

Now I’ve seen it I do vaguely remember watching the episode of Dragon’s Den it was on and thinking it was a great idea. All I have to do now is persuade Husband that the £30ish that it costs is worth it. Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “A wee issue

  1. Phil Daniels

    I was thinking of a camping toilet. But then you have the issue of where to put it etc. Boginabag sounds like a great idea. Not sure wife will like it though!

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