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Peak District camping by numbers

On the road home from our first camping trip of the year in brilliant sunshine (!). Here’s our break in numbers.

Bags of charcoal burnt in lieu of campfire 3
Hours spent in traffic jams 3
Times I picked Mimi up off the floor and put her back on her air bed still asleep 2
BBQs 1
Trips to the playground 4
Average number of hours sleep per adult per night 6.5
Average bedtime for the The Tinies 9pm
Average get up time for The Tinies 6.30am
Number of noses with sunburn 4
Bags of washing to do when we get home 3
Lovely slabs of cake consumed at Café Impromptu in Ashbourne 4 (over two visits)
Bottles of wine consumed 3
Time it took the men to “wash up” on Sunday afternoon 60 mins (we suspect they stumbled into the onsite pub/microbrewery by accident)
Hours of rain showers during the weekend 7 (all on Saturday)
Ice creams consumed 6
Cost per 4 minutes of hot shower 20p
Time spent in the outdoor swimming pool 0 hours (it’s May, we’re not mad)


3 thoughts on “Peak District camping by numbers

  1. Rob B

    Lets hope it keeps it up. We stayed at home over the bank holiday (prices are getting ridiculous for bank hols now) but we are away the next two weekends coming and some nice weather would be very welcome.

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